THE PORTAL for shared values

Identifying, mapping
and embedding
shared organisational values for change

How we identify values for change

consultancy & training services

The Portal for Shared Values provides access to professional consultancy and training services based on a unique approach to identifying and eliciting shared values in organisations.

The approach has been used with public and private organisations, behaviour change projects, businesses, civil society organisations, universities, schools and local authorities. This unique approach defines values through ‘values-based indicators’, that can later become measurable. The approach is delivered through sessions led by certified facilitators.

Values Consulting

Our values sessions inspire organisational change

Professional Development

Transform your approach to leadership and management

Higher Education Services

A values lens will bring clarity to your strategic vision

Evaluation Services

Enliven your approach to evaluation and reporting

Find out more about

The Values Process

Our Values Process is an organisational development tool which can help you address challenges and change.

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