The Portal for Shared Values provides organisational consultancy services to small and large organisations within the business, education, arts and media, voluntary, charitable and public sectors. Central to all of our services is our Values Process (WeValue).

In addition to standard services we provide customised interventions co-designed with each client to meet specific needs.

ABOUT THE PORTAL for shared values

Background to PSV

development of the values process

PSV services originated in research lead by Professor Marie Harder at the University of Brighton. The values approaches developed and robust Values Process has been found useful in a range of settings. Organisations participating in the original research included Guanajuato University (Mexico), Lush (Italy) and The Red Cross Society (Sierra Leone). We continue to work with the Values Process which demonstrates how shared group values can be identified and refined as group specific values statements and leading to the construction of a values framework.

Underpinning the values approaches we have developed is an understanding that there are multiple dimensions within every organisation but that in all settings values can be something we live, breath and reflect on.

Meet the team

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Professor Marie Harder

Professor Marie Harder has a doctorate in Physics, is the founder and head of the Values and Sustainability research group at the University of Brighton which collaboratively co-develops cross-disciplinary design research in values-based approaches and is also currently a China National Thousand Talents Professor at Fudan University in Shanghai involved in setting up an international level research group.

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Kaliat Ammu Sanyal

Kaliat Ammu Sanyal joined the Values and Sustainability Research Group at the University of Brighton with an MA in Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation and significant experience in research, documentation and project management with NGOs across India working on urban sanitation, health and education improvements and Government level consultancy.

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Mahsa Firoozmand

Mahsa has a Degree in International Development and worked in education as a speech and language therapist for twelve years. She has experience of working on various community projects and has facilitated virtues classes with children and helping them to translate subjective ideas into daily action.

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Pauline Rutter

Pauline Rutter has a background in fine art, international business, co-operative development and teaching and now works within the Values and Sustainability Research Group at the University of Brighton developing approaches to values workshop facilitation and values articulation through working with a range of community groups as well as private and charitable organisations.

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Firooz Firoozmand

Firooz Firoozmand has a background in the banking sector as well as eight years experience in research with the ‘Starting from Values’ Connected Communities Project and the Values and Sustainability Research Group at the University of Brighton in which he has facilitated values workshops with various organisations and has been involved in developing ways to elicit values and create new values-based project-level indicators.