Professional Development

A values approach to leadership development

We understand that inspiring leadership occurs when leaders are supported and do not feel detached from their teams and staff. Leadership development focused on organisational values takes you out of those isolated working silos and brings you a sense of clarity and connectedness in your decision making.

Management through shared values

The smooth flow of information and instructions through an organisation and responses to these depend on the effectiveness of management. The Values Process available through PSV helps you to tailor your approach to management, to reflect the shared values within your organisation and to respond to these effectively and appropriately.

Values focused Board/Trustee development

Your Board of Trustees / Directors are there to ensure the success and sustainability of your organisation. By engaging with a values approach to supporting Board development, alignment can be achieved between your core functions, behaviours and systemic effects and your shared organisational values.

Values Process Facilitator

The services provided through PSV are underpinned by published theory and years of robust research. VSRG is committed to enhancing our co-created activities and to sharing our powerful values approaches by training people to use them within their organisations, groups, companies and projects. PSV Values Process Training is theory and practice based with certification provided by VSRG at the University of Brighton UK. In this way we can guarantee the high quality of every values session which will be lead by a qualified facilitator.