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We believe that stakeholder engagement can be values focused. This in turn enables organisations to build authentic relationships with staff, clients, service users, shareholders, partners and external bodies.

Our values consulting will engage senior leaders and teams in using a values lens to view and develop their decision making and other organisational activities.

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Values Consulting:
Using the values approach

Team engagement and cohesion

A values lens can bring clarity and agency to the formation and working of your teams.

As people come together eliciting shared values ensures that teamwork is inclusive and that engaged and inspired staff feel valued.

Staff development and retention

Managing the wellbeing of staff can be the key to keeping people on-board.

Through the Values Process you can ensure that the development of your people is built upon their shared values.

Organisational change

The CSV Values Process provides a grounded approach to change within organisations.

We understand that change can be challenging but also transformational. This tool ensures that change evolves from within your organisation and is built upon the values you share.

Diversity and inclusion

The values lens provides a clear approach to embedding your commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion across your organisation.

We understand that in inclusive and diverse settings individuals are valued fully for their true worth. They share their energy, ideas and new ways of thinking and are free to benefit from all of the opportunities your organisation has to offer.

Internal & external communications

When communications are effective they are clear, accurate and relevant.
A values lens can ensure that you develop your communications with your staff and other stakeholders with these in mind. In this way you will better understand staff and/or stakeholders needs, concerns and motivations and they will understand you.


At CSV we understand that decision making takes time and resources. At the same time effective decision making can reap benefits for your organisation and your stakeholders. A shared values approach to decision making allows for different perspectives to be considered when important or challenging decisions are being made.

Strategy development & implementation

Organisations often find they need to respond to changing internal and external factors which they may have little or no control over.

At CSV we have found that the development and implementation of new strategy can be made more effective, meaningful and worthwhile when seen
through a values lens.